Recycle Plastic into Oil by Japanese Invention

(Image Source: UNUChannel via Youtube) The World Counts has mentioned that every year people use 100 million tons of plastic. About 10 percent of this amount goes to oceans. Some of them are thrown into landfill and cannot decompose easily. As the result, plastic becomes a bad waste and give a bad impact to the […]


Plastic Straws and Cups Recycled Lamps

You probably often hold a party for child’s birthday, welcome party, or any other party types, which use plastic straws, cups and plastic plates for eating and drinking. After the party is over, most of the plastic straws are in your garbage. Actually, there is another idea to make the plastic straws, cups, and plates […]


Make a Fusing Plastic Bag Tutorial

Plastic bag garbage is the largest contributor to urban waste, which is currently a major serious problem for our environment. There are many ways to recycle plastic bags, especially from our home waste. Rather than throw it away, you preferably recycle into the unique and creative bags using a fusing technique. How to do that? […]


Green Chemistry Solution: Plastic Bags to Batteries by Argonne National Lab

Plastic bags is one of the biggest waste problems around the environment. In fact, they could be recycled into carbon nanotubes, a component in lithium ion batteries. At Argonne National Laboratory, 25-miles southwest of Chicago, Vilas Pol has developed a way to not only recycle plastic bags, but also make them into an energy resource […]


3 Popular Plastic Trash in the Market

Producing new product from recycled plastic is growing rapidly years by years. Almost all of plastic trash (80%) can be processed into new product. There are also some plastic type that must be mixed first with other raw material to increase the quality. Here are 3 popular plastic trash type in the market that can […]

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