Ecological Sunset Concept for Small Green Garden

Most people in the big city, who have small area for their house, sometimes do not know how to create a green space. But it seems does not work for Arterra, which offers an innovative ecological sunset garden design for small space. This garden concept can emphasize the value of strategic ecology landscape, and at […]


3 Ideas for Your Eco-Garden

Garden is a place that most people use as decoration of a building, refreshing place, food supply and many other purposes. However, the design of a garden generally is flat and even sometimes boring with monotonous concept. Some activities cannot be separated from gardening like digging, watering, fertilizing, and planting. If the plants require special […]


Spiral Garden – an Urban Farming Concept at Incheon Metropolitan City

It is hard today for us to find trees or farming area at the outskirts of the road in big cities. The presence of trees and plants become an increasingly rare sight because of various human interests to build a lot of buildings. Unfortunately, the building was mostly made ​​for certain parties like offices, business […]

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