Greencycle-Eco, a Green Bicycle Designed by Paulus Maringka

Currently, bicycle becomes a modern lifestyle in some countries. The people use bicycle to go anywhere in the city, side by side with walking area. The teenagers even bike to school as a new trend to show their green and young spirit. Using bicycle can reduce the global warming impact and minimize the pollution. Beside […]


Seoul Bike Guide, a Green Concept of Tourism Tour

Asia has a lot of beautiful tourism objects all over the world. The cultural diversity, tropical nature with beaches and forests, and marine resources are also unparalleled. Besides its hospitality, the affordable cost is also an attraction for people to travel to Asia. Most of the tourism objects usually offer an amazing tour to look […]


The Green Concept of Taga Bicycle/Stroller

Taga bicycle/stroller is a unique green concept for mom and baby. The Dutch-made Taga is a carrier bicycle that converts into a stroller. You can bike around in the morning without leaving your baby at home. 2-in-1 vehicle concept. This eco-friendly bicycle will start in mid-April by Taga company in USA and Canada. Unique! More […]

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