Worm Composting Bin

Composting is a simple process which can help the decomposition of natural materials like leaves or organic waste easier. This process is also a good way to reduce methane and keep the old food waste out of landfills. Besides, the compost can also be used as fertilizer to enrich the soil nutrition for various plants. […]


An Advice about Kitchen Compost Bin

A kitchen compost bin will come in many different shapes and sizes.Some are store bought and some are home made.


Liquid Compost Fertilizer from Organic Waste Using Boisca Composter Process

Organic waste can be reused for fertilizer. This time I want to share how to make a liquid compost fertilizer from our organic waste by using Boisca Composter. What’s it? Boisca Composter is one of organic waste processing methods using the composter and Boisca activator liquid. Boisca activator is a bioactivator created by Mr. Sukamto […]

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