The Proper Location of Biopori Hole

Biopori Hole is not made in any place without considering some terms and conditions because not all land can be used as biopori hole catchment area. The main requirement is that the biopori hole should be made on a place that is free from traffic passing by people especially children. Therefore, its placement must be […]


An Introduction of Biopori Hole to Prevent Flood

Biopori Hole is a small tunnel or pore found underground in healthy soil and is created by tree roots and soil organisms such as worms and termites. This appropriate technology, which can be widely used to prevent flood, is developed by Ir. R Kamir Brata, M.Sc, a scientist at the Bogor Institute of Agriculture in […]


Eco-Friendly Plastic Made of Human Waste

Who would have thought that human waste, which is also called ‘poop’ or feces, can be recycled into other goods that are beneficial to humans? Now, you will know the human waste benefits because it can be used as raw material for plastic. How could be? Well, this is actually a sophisticated technology which is […]


Worm Composting Bin

Composting is a simple process which can help the decomposition of natural materials like leaves or organic waste easier. This process is also a good way to reduce methane and keep the old food waste out of landfills. Besides, the compost can also be used as fertilizer to enrich the soil nutrition for various plants. […]


5 Tips to Collect Garden Water

Every living thing in this world would require water as the most important resources of life, include animals and plants. The differences between humans, animals and plants are only on their mind and movement. If a man can walk, try, get, and even develop water resources to fulfill the life, then the animals would follow […]

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