Make a Fusing Plastic Bag Tutorial

Plastic bag garbage is the largest contributor to urban waste, which is currently a major serious problem for our environment. There are many ways to recycle plastic bags, especially from our home waste. Rather than throw it away, you preferably recycle into the unique and creative bags using a fusing technique. How to do that? […]


Easy Green Baby Diaper Changing Tips Video

I found a unique video today about changing baby diaper. Well, it’s actually green tips, like the creator said, “Don’t waste money on a changing station. Learn how to convert a common dresser and hide clutter”. I don’t know her name, only a youtube nick, perry227, but her video is cool. Let’s watch!


Going Green in the Bathroom

Bathroom is a room that we always use everyday frequently. By applying green habit in the bathroom, we can create one of green home area. These are some tips to go green in the bathroom: Don’t leave the tap running while brushing your teeth or shaving. Look for cabinets made from wheatboard or other low-VOC […]


10 Tips for Going Green Around the House

Everything begins at home. Being an environment friendly person is started from our house. These are 10 tips for you to do for going green at home. Replace your light bulbs with energy efficient ones If you buy furniture, buy stuff made from natural fibers, wood, metal, glass, or other environment friendly material Use green […]


10 Tips for Going Green at Office

It’s a common issue for going green at home, but what about at the other places where most of us spend much time, our office. The offices is one of big contributors for energy usage and paper waste. Some simple changes of habit can save energy resources and waste at work. 10 tips for going […]

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