Tips to Reduce Food Waste

40 percent of food produced in America is wasted because it was not eaten. It was a real frenzy, especially when it grabs the number of hunger cases in Africa. In addition, the present function of the kitchen is like the trash that generates a lot of waste for disposal each day. Supposedly, this all […]


How Much Water are You Wasting?

How much water are you wasting? That’s one question which we have to think of. As humans, we need water for our life and consume the excessive amounts of the earth’s most precious resources, from cooking to cleaning or manufacturing to shipping, but how much is it actually? Today, I found a nice poster from […]


An Advice about Kitchen Compost Bin

A kitchen compost bin will come in many different shapes and sizes.Some are store bought and some are home made.


How to Recycle your Old Computer

As computer technology continues to advance at such a rapid pace, consumers are buying new hardware faster than ever before. This means our equipment can start piling up and eventually we will have more than we have use for. If you are passing down your older model to a friend, family member or co-worker, there is not much else to worry about when disposing of your previous computer, but if not there are a few things you need to think about.


How Recyclable Paper Cups Can Help You Enjoy A Tasty Beverage With A Little Less Guilt

Doing dishes is one of the most dreaded chores many people have to do everyday. When you use Paper Cups, those are a few less dishes that will need to be washed. Many people just throw them away, but if you get a bag or can specifically for this kind of material, you can easily take your collection to a place that recycles.

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