Recycled Bike Furniture Design by Andri Gregg

This furniture is made of recycled bike by Andri Gregg from The idea and concept are smart and unique, even it’s the most unique idea that I ever know. Andri turns the unused and old bike into awesome art works, which at the same time has function for furniture. It’s very useful as he […]


Solar Cocoon: IAAC’s “Fab Lab House” in Madrid

The use of solar energy is usually identified by a rigid design and un-modern, or by using a simple tool which is used as a container to pickup solar power at home. But 19 teams of students from Europe, America and China have set up their solar energy house design that are 100% solar energy […]


“Pushed Slab”, a Green Energy Efficiency Office Building

MVRDV from Netherlands and ICADE Promotion from France presents their design for energy efficiency office building called “Pushed Slab” at ZAC Gare de Rungis in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. It’s a 19,000 m2 building which will be one of the first low energy buildings realised in France. The energy production is approximately 200,000 kWh […]


Natural Science Center – a Learning Space for the Future

Denmark acts against the issue about The “Naturvidenskabens Hus” in Bjerringbro, created by NORD Architects, offers a “learning laboratory” for natural sciences. While in numerous countries, the scientists complain about the lack of young academics. At the same time, the learning laboratory makes the technical functions evident to the users. A very popular quote by […]


Zaragoza’s New Environmental Centre on the Ebro River

A great example of contemporary sustainable architecture in Spain is a Magén Arquitectos building design, the new headquarters of the public spaces and environment centre service in Zaragoza. The building is designed with techniques of passive climatization and active solar energy which use along with a dose of “green symbolism” and form an integral entire. […]

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