10 High Risk Foods and Drinks for Cancer

According to a book “Cancer: 101 Solutions to a Preventable Epidemic” (New Society Publishers, 2007) by Liz Armstrong et al, it’s listed that there are 10 foods and drinks which have high risk for causing cancer.

10 High Risk Foods and Drinks for Cancer

  1. Charred food, which creates heterocyclic aromatic amines, known as carcinogens. All charred food.
  2. Well-done red meat. No red meat is best.
  3. Food and drink additives such as aspartame.
  4. Excess alcohol.
  5. Baked goods, for the acrylamide.
  6. Farmed fish, which contains higher levels of toxins such as PCBs.
  7. White and brown sugar, both of them are better to limit.
  8. Heavily salted, pickled foods, and smoked which lead to higher rates of stomach cancer.
  9. Soft drinks or soda, they contain of sugar and various additives. It’s better to replace them with foods that contain minerals, vitamins, and nutrients.
  10. French fries, crackers, cookies, chips, and other snack foods that contain trans fats. It’s made with hydrogenated oils and then fried at high temperatures, can cause acryl amides during the frying process.

For us who don’t want to get cancer, better to avoid or limit those kind of foods and drinks. Right?

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