How to Grow Potato Magically

How to Grow Tomatoes Magically


Potato is a root vegetable that becomes the staple food in some countries of the world. Occasionally, consuming the staple food from our own garden is a pretty exciting thing and you simply do not need a large garden to plant potatoes. Simple home garden can be used to produce maximum potatoes. The following points are some magic ways you can do to recognize and planting potatoes with simple steps.

Choose place to plant
It is not difficult to plant potatoes, simply by placing them in the right place (gets full sun, loose, fertile soil, and one inch of water per week), and potatoes can grow well. Even, if you have enough time to constantly pay attention to watering, you can plant it in a plastic bucket or raised bed. But in this case, let’s say that you are adding knowledge to plant potatoes normally in your garden.

Selecting seed
Selecting seed potatoes requires little prior knowledge. At least, some of the following criteria are the basis for you to choose seed potatoes: organic and certified disease free seed potatoes obtained from catalogs or farm stores. While if you buy seed potatoes at the farm shop, then you should choose bulbs that have been grown. Because it certainly means that potatoes can be harvested.

Separate the eyes
The next is to separate the eyes. Eyes on the tubers are small mound from which the sprouts appear. On a seed, usually there are many eyes that grow in most of the seed tuber. The seed is cut into several equal parts and each part has an eye. The eye would later trigger the growth of potatoes into perfectly round.

Disease and Cure
After into pieces, made more sterile seed potatoes in a natural way of putting them on a table or counter in a warm (about 70°F) or set them out in the sun for three to five days. This process will help to prevent rot when planted. In addition, this process also helps prevent the potatoes from the diseases, one of which is: Phytophthora infestans on potatoes or mushrooms.

Planting and Caring
It’s time to plant potatoes. Make the plant with the right size. Default, the soil of each segment potatoes cut into the underside of the whole 6-inch-deep or trench. Each chambers segment 12-inches apart on all sides. Between each segment, sprinkle 2 tablespoons of low nitrogen, high phosphorus fertilizer. Then cover both potatoes and fertilizer with a 2-inch of soil, and groundwater well.

What you should be considered in the process of planting potatoes is still keeping in the dark. Potato plants could say friends of Dracula, because it’s a process of growth is in the dark. Even if it is exposed to light, the potato will change the color to green and not too good quality to eat. Therefore, the potatoes should be buried in the soil and makes piles of them 4 inches with soil, straw, or shredded leaves. The more you hoard, the better the productivity of potato.

Stage is you waiting for after the plant is harvest time. And then in two weeks, you can harvest baby potatoes. But if you prefer mature potatoes, wait until the vines die back, because it means, potatoes have been at the right level of maturity. Pull up roots and harvest with your own hands.

How to store potatoes is also not arbitrary. Potatoes will have a maturity of a stable condition in a long time if it is stored in a cool place, but not frozen. Just like the shade.

Essentially, the correct way to plant potatoes and a simple, clearly has been reviewed. The important formulas tubers are also described briefly, and it is hoped this will assist you in planting potatoes magically.

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