Top 5 Must Have Indoor Plants

Top 5 Must Have Indoor Plants

Indoor gardening is no longer a difficult thing for urban gardening. An indoor plant is not only for interior decoration at home, but also for health benefit because it can deliver more oxygen to bring fresh and clean air.

Most of indoor plants are not organic plant, whereas the organic plants can provide better benefit than ordinary ones.

Here are five kinds of indoor plants that can be applied for indoor gardening.

Purple Heart PlantPurple Heart Plant. This is a complete package of indoor plant. Besides having a good effect for health, this plant also has a beautiful color and shape. It is more than proactive about pumping out the fresh oxygen and looks good while doing it.

Asparagus Fern Indoor PlantAsparagus Fern. This plant is easy to maintain as a simple container plant. Though it is not actually a fern, but Asparagus Fern will become flourish and bushy and flourish as it grows, and it can bring a green atmosphere at your home. The appearance is pretty and special with beautiful leaves. This plant gives a very good air circulation and good impact for your health.

Chinese EvergreenChinese Evergreen, or on the other words, some people call it Aglaonema. This plant is easy to plant and care although it does not have a very good impact for air circulation system. Even you can leave it grow without much care and can survive at various levels of lighting, so the owner is freely to place it anywhere.

Moth OrchidMoth Orchid. This plant is unique because it will bloom from bottom to top. So it looks more interesting to observe. It also can improve the quality of air. This plant does not like direct sunlight, so you can place it at a rather closed area.

Areca palmAreca Palm. This plant is bushy looking palm and best for improving air quality at home. The Areca Palm is known to produce tons of oxygen and take a great amount of carbon dioxide during the day. It is recommended to have 3-5 of this plant at home to create a good recycling process for air circulation for indoor usage. It is also very nice to place it at the corner side and gives your room a tropical atmosphere.

So, what are you waiting for? Start investing more fresh air at your home with indoor plants!

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