Ecological Sunset Concept for Small Green Garden

Simple Pond for Garden Design

Simple Pond for Garden Design

Most people in the big city, who have small area for their house, sometimes do not know how to create a green space. But it seems does not work for Arterra, which offers an innovative ecological sunset garden design for small space. This garden concept can emphasize the value of strategic ecology landscape, and at the same time, you can enjoy the sunset from your house.

The garden is designed in a closed area with insulation of lush vegetation and plants. It provides a small bridge, mini waterfall fountain, small pond, outdoor furniture, a set of barbecue party appliance, and a simple dining room which is located slightly apart. This ecological garden is very comfortable in a small space.

Small Garden Lush Vegetation Decorating

vertical decorative garden element with recycled materials

You can even grow plants using vertical garden rack made from recycled materials. Beside giving an ecological concept, the garden also gives an environmental value for your house. This garden uses Bamboo tree for cover the wall, giving you a fresh air circulation that will increase the carbon dioxide and oxygen exchange, so you can feel the fresh and clean air like in the village.

The garden also has a relaxation area with lounge chair like in a beach. Through this area, you can enjoy the sunset, right from your house, without having to go to the beach.

Comfortable dining relaxing garden

Outdoor furniture for garden design

If you want to hold an outdoor barbecue party, you can even do so at this garden by inviting your friends or nearest neighbours. Do not worry about the space, there are enough chairs and benches for your guest. There is also a cooking area with barbecue appliance and a set of dining table and chairs.

The mini waterfall fountain and water flow from pond bring a beautiful sound of water that will refresh your mind and body after working hard or getting stress at the office in the previous days. These sounds can bring a village or mountain atmosphere in your house. Even you can place some fishes into your small pond, or combine the fish pond with aquaponic vegetable garden system with some touches to give a beautiful view instead of standard vegetable garden design.

Ecological modern landscape design

ecological sunset garden design

mini waterfall fountain for garden design

This ecological sunset garden is a great idea for your garden inspiration at home. You can get all refreshing facilities in your small area with some arrangements. You can even build it yourself because it is very simple and easy.

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