Campervan Modular Motorhome – a Hybrid Camper Car and Caravan Combo

Campervan designed by Christian Susana

Talking about the future becomes a liability to thrash out about future vehicles. It is an interesting topic to talk about, and each person will be different from others how they imagine the future vehicles. For children, future vehicles are what comes in their imagination, maybe it can be used on the land, sea, and air, or other forms that they saw in television. While for adults, future vehicles might be more interesting when it comes to save more fuel, ready spare parts, easier for users in various aspects, and friendly to the environment without too much concern to the vehicle’s appearance. Then, what if the two different ideas are realized to be a unique vehicle with unique shape that can be used for several purposes?

A campervan, which is the combination of the hybrid camper car and caravan, is a portable vehicle that looks like separated, but actually can be transformed into a complete vehicle. This car is suitable for camping or traveling purpose. The designer, Christian Susana, created this unique form of vehicles with minimum design, but in maximum function. Its front design looks like a golf tour car in combination with a mini cooper. From its shape, we could guess that the front of campervan vehicles is not meant for long trips.

For the trailer, which is at the back of campervan, is made in minimalist and ergonomic design to maximize the space with lofted bedroom, fold-down table and chair set, and a compact storage solution set to each of the remaining territory. Curved lines also reminds us to the traditional Airstream trailer, which uses a maximum of exterior with sleek shape to make it more spacious. You will see a real comfort in this limited space without leaving the impression of luxurious appearance for the caravan size.

Campervan Interior Design

The window is designed with privacy-oriented classical style caravan, making anyone who is interested in it to look out. Meanwhile, the campervan has two doors, front door and back door. Front door can be more clearly seen when the front car is separated, which also becomes a liaison with the front of the car. While the back door is designed with small style, but if we observe it at a glance, this looks like the hotel elevator door.

Campervan Back Part

This campervan is very great to bring comfortable in your traveling. Beside it is space saving, it is also environmentally friendly since it uses a hybrid camper car as the machine. What a unique concept!

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