The Proper Location of Biopori Hole

Biopori Hole is not made in any place without considering some terms and conditions because not all land can be used as biopori hole catchment area. The main requirement is that the biopori hole should be made on a place that is free from traffic passing by people especially children. Therefore, its placement must be adjusted with the existing landscape where the water will naturally tend to congregate or water is directed into the place where the biopori hole are made. Water can be directed by making the groove and biopori hole can be made on the basis of this flow. So that, existence of the flow will not cause people interested to visit or stepped on.

Biopori hole can be made in several places, such as:

  • At the basis of the rainwater drainage channel that was originally created to dispose of rain water.

    Biopori Location at Rainwater Drainage Channel

    Placing biopori hole at this channel will change the function of the rainwater drainage channel into rainwater absorption. Thus, rainwater will be absorbed in our own backyard and will not be a burden on public drainage which can be one contributor to the flow surface, puddle, or even flood elsewhere.

  • At the basis groove which is made ‚Äč‚Äčaround the trees.
    Biopori Location Around the TreeBiopori hole around the tree is not only as a rainwater catchment, but also as a natural fertilizer for plants. With the presence of biopori hole around the trees, it will create a good cycle of nutrients. Nutrients taken from the soil by plants will become a part of these plants like leaves, trunk, and fruits. The leaves or twigs that are fall off or trimmed and the rest of fruit which is not eaten will go back into the soil if they are placed into the biopori hole around the plant. Furthermore, they will turn into a source of nutrients for the plant itself through the decomposition process. This will reduce the use of chemical fertilizers, and automatically the effects of chemical compound in the human body are also reduced. Thus, the depletion of nutrients by plants will be reduced, soil fertility can be maintained and increased, and the environment around becomes more friendly for living things.
  • At the park boundary.
    Biopori Hole at Park BoundaryWhen cutting and trimming the plants at the park, we often produce leaves into garbage piling up, and unfortunately, those leaves will be burned as a solution instead of letting them piled. Whereas by burning waste, it produces CO2 into the air and reduces the plant functions as a greenhouse gas catcher. Therefore, by burying organic waste in biopori hole which is made around the park boundary, this problem will be solved at once.

By placing the biopori hole in the proper location, we also will optimize its function and increase it for more advantages.

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