Ecovative Styrofoam Made from Mushrooms

You may already be familiar to hear about ‘Polystyrene’ or ‘styrofoam’. It’s usually used for food packaging, electronic, or any other goods packaging because of its lightness. The styrofoam material disposal isn’t much different from most of the plastic product which takes a long time, even up to thousands of years, to be able to decompose naturally. Most of them cannot also be recycled, and unfortunately, it’s a routine case that causes styrofoam waste rapidly increase. But now the trend era to use organic material package also begins. People began to realize the importance of protecting the environment and their health.

Almost simultaneously, there are two big companies, Ford and Dell, announced their plans to use the innovation of EcoCradle as one part of their products. EcoCradle is a forefront of the bio materials revolution company which develops a technology to create packaging made from mushroom named Ecovative. Ford and Dell take steps on loving the environment by using their own way to show their concern for nature.

Ford plans to replace the 13,5 kilogram of styrofoam foam which is widely used in their car product for dashboard, side door, and bumper with an organic material. To do this plan, Ford also invited the EcoCradle in cooperation to develop foam made from mushrooms. Based on the EcoCradle research for Ecovative product, the mushroom root is a natural adhesive that can be combined with corn husks and cereal to produce a strong material, water and fire resistant, and certainly can be recycled.

If Ford finally uses mushroom foam as part of its production in the future, and you own one of its cars, then you should avoid your car from mud or flood. According to EcoCradle, the foam made from mushroom will decompose naturally in a month if it’s buried by soil or mud.

Different from Ford, Dell will start using eco-friendly styrofoam made from mushroom for product packaging which was also developed by EcoCradle. Even Dell has committed to use organic packaging in every product shipping to its customers.

Ecovative Styrofoam Made from Mushrooms Ecovative Styrofoam Made from Mushrooms

As we all know, Dell is already doing its ‘green’ idea on its business that can also be recycled. One of them is by using bamboo as a product packaging, and now Dell decided to choose mushroom packaging. Even so, Dell doesn’t just rely the Ecovative mushroom styrofoam. To get assurance of the server security which is sent all over the world, Dell tested the mushroom package in the laboratory. And the result is good, even Oliver Campbell, Dell’s director of procurement packaging, said that the mushroom package passed the test easily.

Image credit: Ecovative


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