Square Foot Gardening to Maximize Harvesting in Small Area

If you still think that only a large land which could produce crops in maximum results, then you have to throw away this opinion, because a limited land now also can produce maximum results if it’s utilized optimally. Every inch of available land is extremely valuable in limited land.

It was presented by Mel Bartholomew who has had much experiences in gardening field. He has taught this method in his books, class, DVD, until on several TV series for years which can’t be underestimated. He called this method, “The square foot gardening method“.

This method is based on the French Intensive method, where you make a point closely of spacing plants and succession plant for maximum harvest. Technically, this method is to arrange a vegetable garden based on the one square foot grid. And then, you just follow the line instructions to set the distance between plants. Those line instructions are primarily intended for large-scale farming which uses the equipment to harvest and plant crops. The farmers need space between the lines for their machines. So, in one square meter plot, you can plant nine spinach seeds.

There are several other principles of square foot gardening method. First, do not ever walk on the land that has been planted with seedlings. This will make your result to be less than maximum results because of the trampled ground. Next, grow your plants in raised beds. The last, succession plant for optimum yield. These three points are the things you should consider before, after, and in process of square foot gardening.

The more narrow your soil, the more you are required to think smart and creative in order to produce maximum yields. And it’s not always as easy as you think. Therefore, Mel Bartholomew gives basic instructions to you about this excellent method.

A number of facts say some similar things about this method that it has provided the most significant and profitable results for small landowners. The most popular plants planted on mini size land usually include carrots, lettuce, salad, and radish. But you can add other plants which can also be planted at the same time together and you should learn about it. You can create your own planting cycle while gardening. Hopefully you can get a good benefit.

Some Example Pictures of Square Foot Gardening

Square Foot Gardening

Square Foot Gardening

Square Foot Gardening

Square Foot Gardening Video

Image credit: WaldenEffect


  1. Katie Hamilton says:

    Just a quick question, what are the cardboard boxes used for in the middle of the square foot garden?
    Thank you!

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