CD Holder from Recycled Old CDs

CD Holder from Recycled Old CDs

CD Holder Designed by Gary from Instructables

I’m sure that you absolutely have a lot of old CDs at home, whether they’re damaged or can’t be opened anymore. Most of us usually throw them away and forget them, except this guy, Gary from Instructables. He created a unique idea to recycle his old CDs and changed them into a unique CD holder or rack for his CD collection.

This brilliant idea is also simple and even you can create your own CD holder at home. From this creative concept, you can reduce your electronic waste. Besides, you also get a new unique stuff.

To create this unique CD holder, you need some goods below:

  • 15 CDs (even more, according to your need)
  • 1 x 5mm threaded rob (usually sold in 1m lengths)
  • 5 x 5mm lock nuts
  • 8 x 5mm hex nuts
  • 1 x 20mm dowel stick
  • 100 x 5mm rivet washers (usually sold in packets of 100)
  • Permanent marker

Here are the step by step to create this CD holder using your recycled old CDs.

Making a Template and Drill CD
Mark a dot on one CD either side of the centre hole, midway between the centre hole and the edge of the CD. Make sure one dot has range about 1cm above the other one. With a 5mm drill-bit, drill two holes where you make the marks. Use this template for the rest CDs.

CD Holder from Recycled Old CDs


CD Holder from Recycled Old CDs

Making a Template


Cutting the threaded rod
Cut the threaded rod into two 25cm long pieces with a hacksaw. File the ends of the pieces smooth with a file or some rough sandpaper.

CD Holder from Recycled Old CDs

Cutting the threaded rod


Assembling the holder/rack
To assemble the holder/rack, put the rods through once CD and a hex nut on the one end. Then, put 7 washers on each rod and another CD. You can put a hex nut on every 5 CDs and tighten the whole lot up. Do it smoothly and be careful not to crack the CDs. You only need to put 5 washers and a hex nut on for every fifth CD because a hex nut is as wide as 2 washers. After finishing put all CDs on, tighten it all up.

CD Holder from Recycled Old CDs

Assembling the holder


Making the Legs
To make the legs for this CD holder, cut two 7cm and two 6cm pieces of dowel. Drill a 5mm hole – 1cm from the top of each. Then, attach the longer legs using lock nuts to the rods higher above the centre hole. Do the same way to put the shorter legs. Make sure the whole thing stands straight and tighten the lock nuts. You also can paint them if you like.

CD Holder from Recycled Old CDs

Making the Legs


It’s easy enough, isn’t it? You can create as many as you like to place your CD collections.

Image credit: Instructables

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