30 Tips First-Aid for Saving the Earth

30 Tips First-Aid for Saving the Earth

30 Tips First-Aid for Saving the Earth

It’s easy to protect the planet. These 30 tips help saving our earth from limited resources such as water, energy, and animals; prevent landfill waste; or decrease harmful gases which contribute to global warming.

Sometimes teaching your kids with so many tips is very complicated to do. But you can use these tips for your kids by using a simple and fun information graphic that we provide at the end of the post.

Here below we share the 30 tips list to make you easy to understand.

  1. Buy metal or ceramic bowls for your pet. Plastic bowl are made from oil, limited resources
  2. Switch off the light every time you leave a room
  3. Set the thermostat to no lower than 25 degree celcius in the summer and no higher than 20 degree celcius in the winter
  4. Set out cans and bottles for neighbourhood pickup or exchange them for cash at recycle centre. Or perhaps you can create your own creative and unique products from those trash
  5. Take a reusable bag, such as one made out of cloth to the store instead of using plastic or paper
  6. Choose locally grown food. Transporting food long distances waste fuels and creates extra CO2
  7. Turn off the tv or video game console (at least decrease them) and play outside
  8. Replace incandescent lightbulbs with compact fluorescent ones. They last up to ten times longer and use a quarter of energy
  9. Scrape leftovers off the dishes instead of rinsing them. (wash the dishes soon after).
  10. Keep those fans buzzing in summer instead of turning on the air conditioner (AC)
  11. Buy a little bit less. Do you really need it? can you rent or borrow it? can you find it used?
  12. Carpool
  13. Plug electronics into a power strip and flip off the switch when the gadget aren’t in use. (make sure this won’t mess up clocks and recordings)
  14. Choose rechargeable batteries. Then recycle them when they go flat.
  15. Ride a bike or walk instead of using the car
  16. Close your curtains to keep out daytime summer heat or keep in nighttime winter warmth
  17. Participate in clean up days at a beach or park
  18. Turn off the car instead of letting it idle while you’re waiting
  19. Turn over used paper and use it for artwork or scrap paper
  20. Plant an indigenous tree. These trees are adapted to African climate and use less water. They will also attract the native birds and wildlife to your garden
  21. Reuse creatively! For instance, you empty yogurt container as paint cups or plant pots
  22. Place your desk next to the window and use natural light instead of a lamp
  23. Use those outdoor dustbins! never litter
  24. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth
  25. Take short showers instead of baths. Aim for five minutes but still get clean
  26. Create a landing library. Share items such as books, DVDs, or video games with your friends and neighbours
  27. Send an ecard instead of paper card
  28. Share this green tips with your family and friend
  29. Pack your lunch with reusable utensils, a cloth napkin, and a cup. Carry lunch in metal or fabric lunch container for a waste free lunch
  30. Adopt an endangered animal through a charity

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