You probably have a lot of old magazines that you don’t use anymore. Or maybe you often get supermarket folders, brochure, flyer, or whatever colorful paper. This kind of paper usually has the bright color and glossy texture. If you just throw it into your garbage can, it will only become a waste. Have you ever imagine what you can do using this paper? You will not know before trying it yourself.

Try to divide the paper page in two pieces, and then vertically roll the pieces one by one. Flattened them to make a coil. Make it as much as you can, about hundreds and hundreds of coils. These coils will be your basic material to build or create whatever you like such as a basket, bowl, box, paint, etc with a matrix style. You only need to glue them together in order to make a good and strong shape. It is easy, isn’t it?

Here are some great ideas that you can try.

1. Bowl

You can use small circle shape in homogen color and combine it with big circle shape in bright color. It will make your recycled bowl like an art piece. You can also use different shape and technique using colorful paper.

recycle magazine paper into bowl

bowl from magazine pages

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2. Box

Make hundreds circle shape using your magazine paper coils and then arrange them into a box shape like this picture below. You can also make the lid for your box and use it as a storage box.

recycle magazine paper into box

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box from magazine paper recycling

3. Clock

Wall clock from recycled magazine paper is really awesome and eco-friendly. The look is fresh and can relax your mind. You can buy the small clock machine in your local store. It is not expensive at all. You can make the wall clock in many different size and custom colors.

recycle magazine paper into wall clock
recycle magazine paper into clock

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clock from magazine paper

4. Jewelry

Magazine pages can be recycled into various shapes and kinds of jewelry. Earring, necklace, pendant, bracelet, and many more can be made from paper waste. You only need to think a good idea how you will shape your jewelry.

recycle magazine page into bracelet jewelry  recycle magazine paper into earring jewelry
recycle magazine page into necklace jewelry

recycle magazine paper into necklace jewelry

recycle magazine paper into necklace recycle magazine pages into necklace
bracelet from magazine paper

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5. Wall Decoration

If you think that creating hundred of coils is really complicated, than you can try this wall decoration idea for your magazine paper recycling. You just need to roll the papers and arrange them into a nice patchwork decoration.

wall decoration from recycled magazine pages

wall decoration from recycled magazine paper

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6. Collage Art

This idea is complicated enough to create for beginner, but easy for an artist. It needs creativity and art talent to make such an awesome collage art. There are different method that you can use. You can make the art from rolling magazine paper, or you can also cut the paper into different size of pieces.

recycled magazine into collage art

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paint art from recycled magazine pages

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7. Basket

Basket is used to be a storage or bringing stuff, so it must be made tightly and solid. Using paper coils might be not strong enough so you can use different method for your old magazine pages. One of the best technique is by plaiting the paper. You can arrange the paper one by one in custom size and shape. I have posted the wastepaper basket tutorial here. You can also use paper coils technique for creating a light basket. It has more beautiful look.

basket from recycled magazine paper
basket from recycled magazine pages


8. Photo Frame

This beautiful photo frame is made from recycled magazine page paper. You can use waste cardboard paper or some hard waste paper. All materials are from waste and it is eco-friendly too.

photo frame from recycled magazine papers

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colorstory designs frame from magazine paper


9. Vase

A beautiful vase does not always come from clay or glass material. From waste magazine paper, you can also create an awesome vase with different shape.

vase from magazine pages recycle recycle magazine vase

10. Bags and Accessories

Who can imagine that waste paper can be upcycled into a unique bag and accessory. This kind of creative art need a sewing machine and some additional material like fabric for bag interior, so you can keep your stuff securely.

bags from magazine paper recycle
wallet from magazine paper


There are actually more ideas that you can try for recycling old magazine pages. And you can always try your own idea and creative design beside these ideas above. Try to make it as beautiful as you can so the value of your design will be greater than a simple magazine paper. Have a try!