(Image Source: UNUChannel via Youtube)

The World Counts has mentioned that every year people use 100 million tons of plastic. About 10 percent of this amount goes to oceans. Some of them are thrown into landfill and cannot decompose easily. As the result, plastic becomes a bad waste and give a bad impact to the earth. With all amount of these, have you imagined that all plastic in the world can be our energy resource?

This is what Akinori Ito, a Japanese inventor, has done with his amazing invention. He created a household appliance that can convert plastic bags into fuel which you can use for various use. He realized that plastic bags are oil based. It is created from oil and also possible to convert it back to its form.

For your information, one liter of oil can be produced from one kilogram of plastic which needs 1 kWh of electricity. This will cost about 20 cents. It is affordable enough, isn’t it? Another advantage by converting plastic into oil is eliminating pollution of CO2. Well, yes, a fuel or oil from plastic is still giving off the CO2 on its burning process, but the recycling plastic can be good alternative to level up the treatment for plastic.


How It Works

Akinori Ito created the machine using pyrolysis mechanism. It transforms the plastic compound into simpler and smaller compound. With the heating of plastic using high temperatures on 427° C (800°F), the machine convert plastic into liquid and the into gas. This gas then is cooling down and form crude oil using condensation principle. Crude oil from plastic contains of diesel, kerosene, gasoline and heavy oil.


The machine can be used for various kinds of plastic like polypropylene, polyethylene, or polystyrene. But you cannot put the PET bottles since the machine cannot process it. Its process also does not produce side substances that is toxic and harmful. The only thing that this machine produces beside crude oil is a small amount of inert char residue. But you don’t need to worry since you can dispose it like regular garbage.

This machine is offered in expensive price, about $10,000.