Everyone know that IKEA has a lot of superb designs in home decoration and furniture field. And this Swedish company now is leveling up their innovation through Space10 living lab into an indoor gardening planter called Growroom which could be solution for a small space in the city.

Growroom is a 2.8 x 2.5 meters (9.18 x 8.2 feet) spherical planter with so many planting hole which allow people to plant and grow vegetables in their home. This planter is built vertically so it does not need large space. It can also become your green zone at home to create a small oasis and fresh air supply.

The Growroom is designed by Danish architects Sine Lindholm and Mads-Ulrik Husum. This design is now launching as an open source design for DIY project to let people build their own food grower and spread wider range of advantage. Beside designing the function for planting, the architects also design this Growroom interior that allow people to sit inside, watch the plants growing, and at the same time it creates a good atmosphere to refresh your mind.

This vertical planter is easy to build. Everyone can DIY the construction. The cutting files are online and free to download for everyone. You only need 17 sheets of ply wood, two rubber hammers, and a CNC milling machine at your local fabric or maker. You will also need 500 stainless pan head screws (3.5mm x 30 mm), a drill, and a screwdriver, then you can assembly it easily.

The Growroom has the overlapping slices to ensure that light and water can reach each level of plants. You can grow vegies, herbs, and small fruit plant like strawberry and many others. This way, you can smell the soil, herb aroma, and feel the nature directly from inside your house.

The only thing that you should think of is the ply wood endurance. Because you will add soil and water it inside the planter, all you need to do is treating the plywood the right way so that it will keep for a long time.

People are able to build their own Growroom in 17 easy steps. You can find the instructions and download the cutting files for free here.

Now, everyone can build their own vertical Growroom. Do you wanna try?