Some of you might be familiar with iZen Bamboo Company. This company has been producing various products for the customers. The latest product from iZen Bamboo is iZen bamboo keyboards. This product looks like iconic Bluetooth device from Apple. You might find the product is very unique since it is made of 92% bamboo material making it fully recyclable. Not only that, but the keyboard is working outstandingly.

iZen bamboo keyboards are working with Bluetooth operation like Appleā€™s version. The product is including rechargeable lithium ion battery. The charging is done via USB 2.0 30-pin cable. It is identical to ones that you are already using for iPhone or iPad. It can be said that iZen bamboo keyboards are the first Bluetooth keyboard which is very friendly to environment. The keyboards are made of bamboo which is hand-crafted. It is totally renewable and recyclable. Since it is using natural material, it will not bring any pollution to the environment.

The company has designed iZen bamboo keyboards with low profile design. The keyboards are completely portable. People will be impressed with their natural design. It will be good addition for your home or office. According to some people, the keyboards are working great with some devices including Apple iPads, iPhones, Android tablets, and much more. It is even better since it is working with new Smart TV which is using Bluetooth technology. You just need to pair the keyboard with the new TV and use it with your television.

iZen bamboo keyboards have some specifications. The device is using Bluetooth technology. It is built in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It is charging with USB 2.0 cable which is included in the box with keyboard. It has Apple Mac keyboard layout with multimedia keys. The weight of the product is 1.1 lbs and the dimensions of the product are 11.5 inches width x 5 inches length x .75 inches height. The price of the keyboards is $99.00.

When you are using iZen bamboo keyboard, you will not feel uncomfortable since the keyboards are designed with improved key feel. It is also using one-touch access to iPad/iOS features.

In finding the customer reviews on iZen bamboo keyboards and iPad stands, you might see many customers love the keyboards. They find it comfortable and work very outstanding. It also has great design which matches well with their home and office. Since the keyboards are very comfortable, those are really supportive for them to be more productive. iZen bamboo keyboards feel great and nice to touch.

The company has worked on the first round of production which just hit the internet and local stores. Some weeks after the launching, the company is almost out of inventory. The company will need your help to fund the next round of production. If you are looking for the keyboard which is friendly to the environment, iZen bamboo keyboards are the best option. You do not need to worry about the safety of iZen bamboo keyboard since many customers have approved the quality level of the product.

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