Mobile Office Egg

Blob VB3

The growth of building construction becomes a liability that must be done in major cities around the world. Unfortunately, the development sometimes does not fit with environmentally friendly building requirement. Another problem is, building a big construction need more space and land, so some people try to find out another concept how to construct a building more effective and sustainable in tiny space.

Basically, building an environmentally friendly trend is driven into property development world which has contributed to decrease the carbon footfrint. The biggest point in this concept is to save water and energy, and also use renewable energy resource for activities. In fact, it is not easy to change our lifestyles becomes more concerned about the environment, included in office building. To build a large scale office, it should need more power and energy, but for people who work at home or build their own office, maybe a smaller scale office building is a better choice, like the XfactorAgencies from Belgia does. They designed a unique green concept of mobile office called Blob VB3.

Blob VB3 mobile office bathroom Blob VB3 mobile office bed

Blob VB3 lighting at night simple mobile office

The Blob VB3 concept is to provide various functions and features for a home purpose, and at the same time, for office purpose. It is constructed by AD&C for almost 18 months into a smooth looking egg-shaped office. They create this mobile office from timber frame and covered it with polyester plaster and stretching material. The interior is using an LEDs as lighting and the PUR insulation is used for the inner and outer egg shell.

Blob VB3 egg office provides everything items that are needed for vital purpose such as a bed, restroom, kitchen, bathroom, lighting and other niches. The egg door and porch can open up automatically. This mobile egg can be used as a garden house, mobil office, or other purposes you want to. But to move it, you cannot drive it, so you better call a transporter to bring it wherever you want.