Greencycle-Eco: a Green Bike Design

Greencycle-Eco: a Green Bike Design

Currently, bicycle becomes a modern lifestyle in some countries. The people use bicycle to go anywhere in the city, side by side with walking area. The teenagers even bike to school as a new trend to show their green and young spirit. Using bicycle can reduce the global warming impact and minimize the pollution. Beside that, cycling has a number of good benefits. The researchers stated that the best sport activity is a combination of exercise load as fitness and sports like cycling movement. The balance of quantity and quality of the load and movement exercise will result fat burning and increase body’s muscle mass. In simple words, it helps us in getting the ideal body shape.

Most bikes are made from raw materials such as iron, aluminum, and others that produces lots of waste that are difficult to recycle. Considering this problem and its effect in order to further minimize contamination that might be produced, then a designer Paulus Maringka design a bicycle concept made from bamboo, called Greencycle-Eco.

Greencycle-Eco has unique concept which explores a hi-tech on its system, but with eco-friendly materials. This bike is affordable for farmers and low-income demographic groups in the developed country, and tt the same time, the strategic implementation can also be used for bigger countries to achieve greater sustainability.

Pre-fabricated Bamboo panel products have been selected to design Greencycle-Eco. With the increasing demand to use more environmentally friendly materials and higher renewable ability followed by a recent technology developed in India and China, the research studies and material testing on Bamboo panel products have shown the positive results in quality and mechanical strength.

Greencycle-Eco system

The design patterns of Greencycle-Eco reduce the number of component parts for the three different forms with two sets of identical parts which are repeatedly cut by using a CNC of bamboo-based panel products. It is designed to suppress (also) the cost of production and the sales price. Bamboo standard panel size of 1200 x 2400mm can provide enough parts to eight bicycle frames that can be cut in a short time.

Why bamboo? Because bamboo is easily found in Asia and can grow rapidly, thereby reducing the dependence on wooden or metal materials that can reach hundreds of years before it can be processed. This bike can fit into a flat-pack package, so it will be economical to transport to reduce carbon footprint if delivery is required.

Greencycle-Eco with Lot of space

Greencycle-Eco with basket and load

There are some different significant parts on this bike compared to regular bikes, they are:

  • Changing the shape of the downward angled seat stays of the traditional bicycle, creates an opportunity to provide a support for the rear seat, and the point of attachment is required to give the users a freedom.
  • Frame length has been increased by 20% to create greater surface area to carry loads without compromising the stability, maneuverability and safety of the user.