How to make raised bed garden

Raised Bed Garden

Raising garden with bed is not a bad idea at all. If you care about your health, organic plants and herbs can be an option for planted there. If you are a flower lover, various flowers can also be planted there. Making your own raised bed for gardening is very simple. Here what you should do.

What you need to build a raised bed is the board as a bed frame. Please avoid the use of material with chemicals contained in the board. Next, the board must be sturdy because it will be used to stem soil and plants. Pine board is the right choice, because every four years, it must be replaced due to rot and it does not contain chemicals. Or you can even also use bricks, cement blocks, and untreated wood for the manufacture of capital used bed frame.

To build a kitchen garden using bed efficiently, you must adjust it with an area of your garden. An important thing to note is to protect the plants from the disruption of plant-eating animals such as rabbits and deer, by giving a wire fence around the garden. Headboard with a size of 12-inch high and 2-inch thick, it is a good standard to be applied.

To build a bed frame, it requires some simple carpentry tools such as nails or galvanized screws. Use both of them as an adhesive for the bed frame. However, spikes are used for thin materials such as pine, while the galvanized screws are used to frame a thicker material such as hemlock. Another thing that needs to be done before filling the beds with land is by putting newspaper or cardboard as a base. This is done to smother any weeds or other grasses that will grow through the bed, which one will inhibit the growth of your plants perfectly.

As already mentioned at the beginning, the type of crop to be planted is back on your own. You cannot only grow vegetables and flowers, but also herbs or small fruits. The benefits of planting flowers in raised bed are that they attract bees and butterflies that are needed to pollinate your crops, and it is giving beautiful and colorful scenery.

Another advantage to be gained by using raised bed is the perfect soil. Say so because the soil is fertile, good drainage, and free from stones and weeds. Even you can maintain the soil fertility without having to replace the ground, you simply count the tears of leaves to be used as natural fertilizer. As the leaves decompose over the winter, they add important nutrients to the soil and increase water retention.

Never tamp the soil in the beds, because it will make the soil not working properly. When harvesting, you can feel the next benefit. Due to various factors that cause soil to become perfect, then the result would be maximized and easy to harvest. That is, the work becomes less and produce a lot of yields.

Finally, using raised bed for gardening at home provides an opportunity to plant various crops, preserve the environment, and add the results become more leverage. Happy gardening!