Container Salad Garden

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Gardening by using containers or container garden is a simple way to apply in your neighborhood, or wherever, because of the way of gardening like this will not give the loss at all, and even allows you to manage and maintain the plants which are planted in it. The container itself in this case is unusual object used exclusively for container plants, such as the traditional pots, plastic pots and window boxes. It is predictable that gardening in this way is not intended for large plants, such as ornamental plants and vegetables with limited growing space.

The advantages of container gardening are: reduces problem weeds, eliminating the diseases caused from the ground, and provide more control temperature easier to manage moisture and sunlight. One of the plants that can be grown by using the container is salad. Why growing salad? Because we should take care of plants that are useful in everyday life. Besides being able to feel the benefits, salads can be harvested up to several times.

There are several types of salads which are recommended for planting in containers

1 – Johnny Allstar Gourmet Lettuce Mix. This is the kind of lettuce that requires diligence in the care of it. This lettuce can be planted in pots with a height of 10 to 12 inches, and has a diameter of about 12 inches. Sprinkle seeds carefully, so as not to be too thick. Each time the plant has grown four inches tall, harvest by cutting all the leaves, and leaving one inch of growth above the ground. If you see an unnatural growth in these plants (leaf yellowing), then began sowing the seeds again, replacing them with new ones, and discard the old plant. Awkward condition has no expectation to be treated for longer, it is a sign that the plant is dying.

2 – ‘Astro’ arugula. This type of lettuce can be grown in pots by size of about 12 inches, but does not have as high pots as lettuce first type (Johnny Allstar). Plant the seeds in accordance by the directed. This lettuce can be harvested first start in 13 days. Although classified as baby lettuce, at that stage, it is a barometer that lettuce is suitable for consumption. But if you are more interested in eating lettuce grown up, wait a few days, and enjoy. Lettuce is also known as Roquette, arugula is an annual herb mustard family that adds a spicy punch to salads.

3 – Plants Switzerland ‘Bright Lights’ chard. This is a plant that even small children will also love it visually. This plant has a color that is very interesting and colorful. Trunk colors in accordance by the productive growth. With good care, the plants should provide a stable harvest of their outer leaves for months. It’s best to arrange the plants rather than starting from scratch. This of course also increases appetite when served.

All of these plants can be applied in your home and feel the satisfaction of harvesting your own container salad garden.