3 Ideas for Your Eco-Garden

German Garden

Garden is a place that most people use as decoration of a building, refreshing place, food supply and many other purposes. However, the design of a garden generally is flat and even sometimes boring with monotonous concept. Some activities cannot be separated from gardening like digging, watering, fertilizing, and planting. If the plants require special care, it would be spending a lot of time and sometimes money.

There are three remarkable ideas that can be used to build a new atmosphere in your garden, especially for home garden, and it will bring an eco-garden. Besides providing a new view, these three ideas were also exactly the way to maintenance of a green environment. It keeps your garden still natural, ongoing, and support human health and nature.

1 – The Vertical Garden
It is not difficult to make a vertical garden at home and rely on your power because now there has been a DIY guide ready to support you, which gives the details in creating a vertical garden. For example, by setting up a wooden panel measuring 20 x 20 inches, you can plant any plants which have been prepared (even some plant species at once). This idea has been done by Flora Grubb Gardens.

Vertical Garden Panel Idea

Credit: FloraGrubb.com

Then after they grow, this panel can be placed in a strategic place at your home. What you should consider when storing the vertical garden is that you place it on a free draining area and gets enough light. To grow the plants installed on the panel, it needs an average of two months. If you want to create a vertical garden outside the room, of course, it will require more space. But this panel can also be used for outdoor purpose. For example by creating a panel covered with various types of plants like vegetables, fruits or flowers. This will arouse curiosity for those who pass through your house, even it can bring a freshness and beautiful view for family members.

2 – Tree Furniture

Tree Furniture

Credit: Pooktre.com

There are some furnitures that can be generally combined with the arts. One of these furnitures is the tree furniture created by a growing tree. This means you can make a furniture shape from your own tree by forming it. But you must be patient if you are interested in this idea, because to make it, it can take up to several years. Besides, the failure rate due to weather and several factors is also higher. The positive side of tree growing for furniture is: to help create the ecosystem, attracting atmospheric carbon, and beautify the environment. If you want to give dimensions of tree furniture, there are many companies offering furniture that shape and resembly the material of nature. However, the best is still the original furniture from the natural tree which grows well.

3 – Recycled Lighting
Recycled and Natural LightingBy making a change to your garden, it means that more lighting is needed. If using electrical energy for lighting the media, it is not worth to save the environment. For this reason, recycling the light is the right choice to complete the eco-friendly mission. A pressed-tin candle holder is a good choice. It is completely customizable and adding the light without electricity, warming dimmer to your garden, helping to set the mood and adding natural light.