Spiral Garden at Incheon City

Spiral Garden at Incheon City by Benet & Saida Dalmau, Anna Julibert & Carmen Vilar

It is hard today for us to find trees or farming area at the outskirts of the road in big cities. The presence of trees and plants become an increasingly rare sight because of various human interests to build a lot of buildings. Unfortunately, the building was mostly made ​​for certain parties like offices, business companies, or residences, which rapidly grow. As the result, there is no more space for planting or park area, and this means less fresh air available for human beings in modern city.

Because of this reason, the environmentalists and the building designer must take into account the efficiency of the available land. They are required to be able to overcome this quite complicated problem. And this is it, the Spiral Garden, a winding green space by Benet and Saida Dalmau, Anna Julibert and Carmen Vilar of Spain. This building is the second prize winners of Designboom’s IIDA Awards 2010, which is located at Incheon Metropolitan City in Northwestern South Korea.

Spiral Garden System with Lacy Mesh Structure Inside of Spiral Garden

The building itself is the lacy mesh structure with beautiful concept as a place for socializing, gardening and harvesting, even serves as a spot to store bikes. The designers wanted to make a vertical farm that acts as the “green heart” of “a new eco-friendly city where the environment is considered as an important part of everyday life.”

Behind of the transparent lacy mesh, this spiral structure contains an ascending garden where people can grow plants for food or just for aesthetic value. The walkway serves as a place for green outdoor walk. The structure has 14m diameter and is partitioned into 59 plots that can be shared by families or individuals. There are also 170 bicycle parking spots for people who don’t need to drive to access the garden. Another smart feature of this Spiral Garden is its composting center for people to turn their organic waste into rich new soil. The concept is a very good solution and can give many advantages for a lot of parties and city environment.

Walkway of Spiral Garden Spiral Garden in City at Night

Plants are very important in our life. Many plant lovers even spend a lot of money to get unique plants or just want to see a green space for refreshing their minds. In addition, plants also have a huge influence for the environment. The Spiral Garden is a smart innovation in green architecture area that can be used for green space in big cities.