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Bike Guide for Seoul Tourism Tour

Asia has a lot of beautiful tourism objects all over the world. The cultural diversity, tropical nature with beaches and forests, and marine resources are also unparalleled. Besides its hospitality, the affordable cost is also an attraction for people to travel to Asia.

Most of the tourism objects usually offer an amazing tour to look at all around the interesting area by using mini car or other conventional transportation. Just imagine if all countries use gasoline vehicle for the tour, it will cause big problem for environment, and it is contrast with the tourism purpose for saving the nature. But Seoul has a good solution for this problem by creating a Bike Guide, an amazing transportation which combines electric bus and bike, which is designed by Kukil Han, Daehyun Kim, Bojoong Kim & Jihwan Yun.

Bike Guide is a large electric bus and attaches several bikes inside. The idea behind this system is based on the most cases that are usually faced in every city; there are a lot of locations to explore in Seoul, while tourists cannot ride bike to a far place that requires public transportation. So the vehicle combines the two modes of travel to give tourists the option to rent a bike, for personal mobility and also utilize the services of general guideline in a large bus that can help them attract a ride to further location.

With Seoul Bike Tour, tourist will be able to see more places and it lets them cycling tour themselves. This system consists of a single large electric bus that includes a few removable bikes. The buse and bicycles are equipped with interactive screens as a GPS which provides additional information for the tour.

Tourist have to apply the bike tour at interactive stalls using their credit card and then the bus will take the user to their destination. After getting the destination, the bike docking system will be opened and users can explore the tourist spots themselves. Once the tour is ready to move to the next area, the screen on the bike will notify the user and they need to go back to the bus to dock their bikes.

Bike Guide Steps

Bike Guide Step by Step

The large screen in the bus will offer detailed information about a specific place, and additional information will be provided on a smaller screen GPS on the bike. The screen on the bike will also be able to communicate about important of safety rules that apply in certain areas for tourists through augmented reality and GPS.

To explore more about Bike Guide, you can watch this video below

BIKE GUIDE video from Kukil Han on Vimeo

This Bike Guide will use hybrid fuel system with solar panels mounted on the roof that will power its EV engine, making it as an environmentally friendly city vehicle. This is very helpful in reducing carbon emissions and air pollution, and at the same time, offering a unique tour for tourists. This system is a great way for tourists to get closer to their destination, making their tour a unique personal experience.