Home Automation System to Save Money

Home Automation System: Dim the Lights

Saving energy for the future can be done from a place to stay around, especially our home, where we do various activities after work, school, and other things throughout the day. It is certainly a place to spend the most energy and electricity power. But, don’t you know that there are some simple ways we can do for a solution to solve high energy consumption problem? And these ways can make your home becomes a smart home that can save energy for the future.

Between 12-15 percent of energy usage at home is for lighting. That’s a big amount if you consider that running TV, microwave, refrigerator and stove are the big energy suckers. These are several easy ways to overcome it:

Dim the Lights
By lowering the level of lighting in your house, you can save a lot of energy assets for the future and your next generation. For example, if you reduce 25% of any use of lights or the total number of existing light, then you can share with orderly. It may seem saving energy was so heavy at first, but it is requirement process for good energy in the future. If we usually use a very bright light on while watching television or reading a book before bed, then let’s just overcast condition level is like the situation in the cinema, so that you can still enjoy it.

The results from this simple program will be shown when you look at your electric bill in the next month. Automatically, it will be reduced according to what percentage of energy you saved. And as a bonus, your lights will stay on longer.

Motion Sensors
Some problems that we do not realize is if we turn on the lights when going to use the bathroom, for example, and forget to turn it off again for any reason. This would increase your monthly electricity bill, though indirectly or unintentionally. For that, it is advisable to install Motion Sensors in each room that has high luminance. This sensor allows you to save electric energy. When you walk into the room, the lights automatically turn on, and when you go away, they will automatically turn off. Using motion sensors, there will be no wasting electricity and you probably do not have to touch the light switch again.

If you argue that in order to automate a house is too expensive, then the tips that we have been written can be a good solution, simple, and much cheaper. And as more people see it as a viable choice, the price will continue to decline, making it more feasible! One day, your home will be very energy efficient, and maybe the energy company will pay you to feed excess power back to the grid.