Panasonic Energy Efficient Smart Town

Panasonic Energy Efficient Smart Town Design

Japan has recognized to the world that they have high concern in energy and environment. It is increasingly clear illustrated with new ideas and careful planning of an environmentally conscious town, which will be built in Japan. This project aims to re-build as much as it would be a building and to turn the former sites of Panasonic factory into a green and smart town with eight partner companies cooperation.

In their plan, the town is going to be in an area of 47 hectares and it provides around 1,000 homes. This town will be named Fujisawa Town and will be found in Kanagawa Prefecture. Based on the plan, this town turns out as energy conscious as a designer hoping to become a prototype for future urban and energy efficient in Japan and the world. This is the trendsetter for the town to care about the environment.

This idea emerged to make the energy becomes more efficient and the power saving devices as pair infrastructure with power generation systems, such as solar panels in order to create a town that is both ecologically sustainable and easy to live in. This town is expected, not to showcase any new innovative technologies, but to show how the layer of existing green technologies can work together and create a sustainable urban environment.

Panasonic Environmentally Friendly Smart Town

Panasonic Environmentally Friendly Smart Town Scheme

The town is even considering to use an electric car as a means of transportation. The town’s system will also pair all electric activities with the sensor network technologies that help controlling the use of public resources such as lights, to reduce power usage when it is not needed.

This Fujisawa Town is slated to be ready to receive new residents in March, 2014, and filled within 2018. Maybe you have a plan to live there, don’t you?