London Diesel-Electric Hybrid Double-Decker Bus

London Diesel-Electric Hybrid Double-Decker Bus © James O Jenkins - Heatherwick Studio

London has chosen new diesel-electric hybrid double-decker buses to become the main means of transportation throughout the city of London. According to an announcement from the London Mayor, Boris Johnson, the new buses will be activated and hit the city of London in 2012.

This new model is called the “New Bus for London”, which is made by Wrightbus and collaboration with Heatherwick Studio.

London has already had some diesel-hybrid buses in its fleet, but this new model will be 15 percent more efficient than diesel-hybrid buses previously. The new diesel-electric hybrid bus will get 10 miles per gallon, which is almost 40 percent more efficient than a conventional diesel double-decker bus. With these savings, according to the mayor’s office, it will reduce emissions in large numbers by 57 percent. The 10 miles per gallon looks small and cannot change a lot in a short time. However, if all buses operate with this standard, it will reduce NOx emissions of London’s bus fleet by 57 percent, and CO2 emissions by 230,000 tonnes per year.

The buses will enter the test phase over the next few months. The plans are to begin replacing the earlier buses in London starting in 2012, just in time for the London 2012 Olympics, under the operation of Arriva London.

Another news release accompanying the new London bus news is that London is not the only city that will use a fleet of new buses for city transportation improvements. The New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission and Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced the same news in early May that they plan to use plug-in hybrid Nissan NV200 minivan for New York City’s next taxi.