Gadget Organizer from Recycled Book

Gadget Organizer from Recycled Book by Kate Pruitt

Bringing a lot of gadget and accessories, such as the rechargeable cable for mobile phones or other devices, wallets, or a small note book, makes you busy to manage them. Sometimes it’s difficult to find them in your bag. That’s why you need a gadget organizer and it becomes a must today.

There is a unique idea of green gadget organizer which comes from Kate Pruitt at Design Sponge. She turned a book cover into gadget organizer! Perhaps you own any old book with hardcover that isn’t used anymore. Then, you can try this creative idea, a gadget organizer from recycled book cover.

How to Make Gadget Organizer from Recycled Book

Making this stuff yourself is very easy, and at the same time, you also can decrease your trash by recycling it. This tutorial below will tell you how to make it.

Materials Needed

  • Vintage cloth-bound hardcover book, try to use dimensions close to 6.5″ x 10.5″ x 1.75″ thick
  • 9 yards black elastic ribbon, 0.5″ thick
  • Black rubberized fabric
  • Pins, needle, black thread, and sewing machine
  • Ruler, cutting mat and x-acto knife
  • Thin mat board or Illustration board, use same dimension with your book
  • Black photo tape
  • Elmer’s glue and fabric glue

How to Make

  1. To separate book and the cover, use the x-acto knife and make sure to keep the cover intact
  2. Place the book cover face down above the black fabric and adjust their dimensions. Cut the rectangle 1/8″ smaller on all sides from the adjusted dimensions by using ruler and X-Acto knife
  3. Cut the elastic into short strip for the width of closed book cover and long strip for the length of closed book cover
  4. Pin pieces of the long strip starting from the left corner of black fabric neatly to cover the entire dimension. Further, you can start to pin down the short strips horizontally on both ends. It’s useful to test the placement of the strip. Make sure the rubber band is tightly wedged, so that it left a little space for certain items like cable clamp the rechargeable
  5. After you get certainty the placement of layout, you can sew the banks ‘prospective organizers’ by using a sewing machine after you make a breach in an orderly way. Cut your illustration/mat board to the inner dimension of the front book cover
  6. Use a needle and thread to sew the board to the backside of black fabric with a blanket stitch
  7. Once your board is sewn to the backside of the grid and the grid is pulled tight, cover the three edges with black photo tape
  8. On the right side of the rectangle of fabric, cut the 3.5 ” horizontal slit for the pocket 1″ of edge and 4.5 “up from bottom edge using x-acto knife
  9. Use elmer’s glue on the sides with paper boards (left side) and glue the fabric on the right sides only with the support fabric to attach your fabric on the cover of the book
  10. After the glue is dry, remove the book form under the weight and clean every loose thread or glue spots

See the image below for detail (click image to expand size)

That’s all, and you’re done! Now, you can go everywhere easily without getting complicated in managing your gadget and accessories with this gadget organizer from recycled book.

Image credit: Kate Pruitt