Growing Plant Without Soil

Growing Plant Without Soil System from Imec

Japan develops a unique way in agricultural world that can be an alternative to re-green the environment. Through the JapanTrends which were invited to TedxTokyo event, it’s said on their website that there was a surprising one presentation about growing plant without soil. A bio medical expert, Dr. Yuichi Mori, was showing the discovery of a unique system which is a futuristic agricultural system called Imec. By using this system, we can do growing plant without soil. It’s very flexible and can be applied anywhere, even on space.

Dr. Mori showed off what looks like a sheet of cling-film in apparently healthy lettuce plants grow. He showed how it is really rooted to the material by holding it upside down. It’s amazing how the plant seems to grow very healthy with no land at all. This is more than the evidence.

The cling-film like material is actually based on a medical-membrane technology, a field in which Dr. Mori spent years to work on, and is called “hydromembrane”. The seeds planted in hydromembrane also contains a culture medium with all the necessary nutrients and water for the plant to be developed. Plants develops a dense network of fine roots and stick with the material and they are able to develop fully use one of only fifth of the consumption of water needed in land-based conventional farming.

The system also forces the plant to regulate sugar and amino acids for growth that has influenced yields in very high quality results. The tomatoes and strawberries grown using Imec methods are very sweet and contain a higher nutritional value.

Imec membrane has a remarkable the ability to block all harmful germs or bacteria that usually pass through the soil for plants, which means that plants also don’t require chemical pesticides or fertilizers to grow. It reinforces the claim that plants can grow anywhere, even on concrete, wood beams, or on non-fertile land. It has been already implemented in the desert environment and produces positive results that last even taken into space by Japanese astronaut, Soichi Noguchi, who grows plants using “hydromembrane” at the international space station.

According to Dr. Mori, this can be a good solution for Japan after the tsunami swept over, including the major cities and other places that does not have enough land to grow plants.

Growing Plant Without Soil Video

TedxTokyo provides a nice video of Dr. Mori demonstration to show us how he grow plant without soil. Keep watching!

We hope this video and invention can be one alternative of organic farming for those who doesn’t have enough soil.