Currently, world population is more than 7 billion and it makes the amount of kinetic energy and heat produced by the human body naturally presents an alternative to fossil-based fuels that we already use in common. Most experts are agree that the supply of oil and gas will be reduced over the next 40 years. This forces us to seek other renewable and alternative energy resources like wind and solar power to heat the building, and the newest idea is the body heat which can be used as a room heater.

The fact is recognized by Jernhusen, a real estate company in Stockholm, which has found a way to harvest the body heat that is produced naturally by 250,000 passengers who pass through the largest railway station in Stockholm daily and produce large amounts of excess body heat.

How it works isn’t too complicated. This is actually an old technology but being used now in a new way by Jernhusen company. The difference is that they move energy between two different buildings. They use a heat exchanger in the ventilation system of Central Station to convert body heat into hot water, which is then channeled into a nearby building and heats it. This process won’t make the passengers cold because this company use excess heat that was already on Central Station, not steal it.

Body Heat for Room Heater

Stockholm's Central Station

The creative and environmental friendly approach of this company minimizes the energy costs for the entire office block by as much as 25%, and this is enough to get a good response.

The Central Station in Stockholm which is owned by Jernhusen and dares to make a breakthrough, is a proof of the scientists success who have done some experiments before, by using the heat body for medical electrical equipment in the off-grid hospital.

This proves that every human being can make a useful stuff, either for himself or for the planet. The heat can be shared and used together to bring good benefits, especially in winter. As the proverb says, what you plant, that is what you get.

Data reference: BBC