Every living thing in this world would require water as the most important resources of life, include animals and plants. The differences between humans, animals and plants are only on their mind and movement. If a man can walk, try, get, and even develop water resources to fulfill the life, then the animals would follow their instinct to get the water adjusted to the environment where they live. They are still able to move with their bodies. But how about the plants? Their water storage is very limited, so they need human to help them saving water and reserving outside the plant body. There are five of the easiest way you can do at home to collect garden water for your plants.

The first is the water from boiled foods such as instant noodles, pasta, and vegetables. Simply by allowing the water to cool down, then you can sprinkle it into your plant. Nutrients in the cooking water content are very rich and good for crops, especially if the water is used for vegetable stew.

The second is placing a bucket in the bathroom. With this way, the water, which is wasted when you use shower, can be accommodated in the bucket even though not all the water can be accommodated. The water in the bucket can be used for watering your plants.

The third is to reuse the rest of your child’s swimming water by using a kid-pool. Don’t let the used water only thrown away on the grass. You can use a can or bucket for watering other plants rather than grass to provide the water. This is much better than throw it away without a clear benefit.

The fourth, you can use rainwater harvesting system in your home to store the water for plants to conserve it while it’s still providing benefits for your favorite plants. You can place a bucket under the downspouts and eaves too. Automatically, it directs the collected rainwater and can be saved to collect garden water for your plants.

Collect Garden WaterThe fifth is still associated with using rainwater storage called Rain Barrel. You can line several barrels and connect them with pipes, so that the flowing rainwater will fulfill these barrels and it can be utilized in time.

With the existence of these 5 tips, you can minimize your waste water at home and collect garden water.

Photo credit: fireballsedai/Flickr Creative Commons