Kitchen compost bin is an easiest solution to store kitchen waste instead of burning it or bringing it into the landfill. It comes in various different sizes and shapes that can be bought or made.

A kitchen compost bin, which is bought from the market, has a charcoal pack in the lid that will absorb odors from food. This is a good method as you really don’t want any odor appears in your house.

The container need a few days to fill up, but when it’s finally ready to head to the compost pile, dig down just a bit in the pile and add new material. Then, cover it to keep pests out, this will begin the composting process even faster.

You have to be patient during the composting process. You can buy tumblers to speed up the process, even the fastest tumbler can take about 4 or 5 weeks to work.

Kitchen Compost BinKitchen waste is generally thought of as green matter or nitrogen material. You also need to add some brown matter or carbon matter. Brown matter consist of items outside like sawdust, pine needles, dried leaves or newspaper items (just black and white print though because there are too many chemicals in colors). Add a little bit more brown material for a good mix but nothing is engraved in stone. You can do some experiments and see what gives the best result.

Why you send kitchen waste to a landfill when it can be useful at home? With kitchen compost bin, your garden plants will get benefit from it and after a very short time, you will be a composting pro.