The rapid development of various electronics provides enhanced features and ease for users. It doesn’t only display sophistication, but also a model that gives confidence to its own level. Even the appearance of computers can be adapted to the use of computers. Therefore, the existence of the computer is not always durable, especially for people who always follow the trend of lifestyle and technology, and also update frequently their computer. However, a few of people consider that the disposal process of computer waste or old computer isn’t simple.

It is important to know that you should repair the broken computer or laptop and never throw away your computer equipment into landfills. Each year, thousands of tones of electronic waste are dumped into landfills needlessly such as laptops, PCs, software, ink cartridges and accessories contain heavy metals and toxic chemicals that can leech into the soil and finally contaminate water resources.

As a way out for the problem of computer waste, there are some easy ways to do. One of them is by returning it back to the factory for a recycling process. In some cases, this service will be free, while some companies may charge you an environmental fee for the disposal service. If you want to purchase a newer model from the same company, they will usually take back their old products in exchange.

In some cities, there is a special place to recycle. This can also be a good solution for old electronics. Usually, the recycle places are not only able to recycle computers, but also other electronic items such as old televisions, old radios, even a used car door, can be recycled there.

If your machine is still good to work, consider donating it to the many charities and organizations which have computer collection programs. These places will usually donate your old computer and hardware to libraries, schools, families or community centers in need, or sell the items to raise money for a charity. This can provide multiple benefits between giver and recipient, or for buyers and sellers.

You can also sell the equipment online or at a garage sale if it’s still enough to be in demand. Websites like Kijiji, eBay or Craigslist are a great choice to sell your unwanted computer items for potential sale to anyone who need a used computer or parts.

If your old computer isn’t in good condition to sell or give, you can try to recycle it with your own way. There are some people who like recycling their old computer into an art work. You can find out the idea about it on the internet.