The use of solar energy is usually identified by a rigid design and un-modern, or by using a simple tool which is used as a container to pickup solar power at home. But 19 teams of students from Europe, America and China have set up their solar energy house design that are 100% solar energy built-in to supply themselves with the potential of Manzanares river. Their dwelling design is the most luxurious house design that was driven by solar power and comes from the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) in Barcеlona.

Dwelling with a cool design is successfully powering the entire activity inside as it can meet with the needs of equipment, food, and energy. Fab Lab House – so dwelling is called – will be marketed to the public of €200,000. Of course, with very good evidence, the Solar Decathlon Europe won the contest. One of the new home virtues of the 21st century is that, “it applies forms of technologies that have so far not been utilized to be able to test them and make them competitive and widely utilized within the near future“, say the designers of the home.

Solar Cocoon: IAAC’s “Fab Lab House”

Solar Cocoon: IAAC’s “Fab Lab House”

Vicente Guallart, Director of the IAAC, was explaining the purpose of this building that will encourage self-sufficiency connected buildings. Dwelling development is also using the most advanced technology ever undertaken. The state-of-the-art digital manufacturing machine tools had been utilized. Guallart, who advocates the recovery of numerous forgotten practices, says, “We printed our home, we didn’t develop it. With our manufacturing machine tools we can produce anything from a chip to a home”. He added, “We should produce issues once more in cities. We produced our solar home with researchers, in accordance with medieval principles: the designer and also the builder is the exact same individual.”

This project was developed by the 20 countries that are supported by great architects and specialists respectively. The supports are also obtained from Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC), the world network of Fab Labs, and also The Center for Bits and Atoms of the Massachusetts Institute of Technologies (MIT).

Solar Cocoon: IAAC’s "Fab Lab House" in Madrid

The dwelling consists of 26-m3 white pine timber parts cut digitally with lasers and assembled to produce undulating and curved forms. This organic design is conceived to produce a flexible ‘parametrical’ structure adaptable to the climate of various countries and respectful towards its website and immediate surroundings. Indeed, the foundations of the home raise the floor structure above ground, thereby creating a kitchen-garden region for the occupiers to be self sufficient in terms of vegetables.

The prototype, which will compete at the Solar Decathlon, creates an indoor habitable surface region of 70 m2. Thе appearance in mеasurе is by 12 meters length, 5.4 mеters high, by 9 meters deep. The space is arranged like a habitable loft for a family of four. The HVAC of this interior is reinforced by natural insulators and depends as a lot on an underfloor heating system as on a system of cross ventilation that replaces conventional air-conditioning apparatus.

Energy is captured to a roof composed of flexible photovoltaic panels which might be moulded into a wide selection of shapes. Utilizing this technology, the home has the capacity to generate 15 kilowatts. This means that the end-of-year balance will invariably be positive because it will feed excess energy back into the network and when the climatic conditions make it impossible to produce its own, it obtains energy from the network.