Liquid Compost Fertilizer Using Boisca Composter Process

Liquid Compost Fertilizer Using Boisca Composter Process

Organic waste can be reused for fertilizer. This time I want to share how to make a liquid compost fertilizer from our organic waste by using Boisca Composter. What’s it?

Boisca Composter is one of organic waste processing methods using the composter and Boisca activator liquid. Boisca activator is a bioactivator created by Mr. Sukamto Hadisuwito who is known as a liquid compost guru in Indonesia. This method is very simple if we compare with other methods (such as takakura or supermix method) that usually produce solid compost.

To make the liquid compost, you need a composter which is usually known as a container from plastic bin or cement box that has been modified and placed inside or outside room. This composter is used for processing the home organic waste to become useful product. You can create your own composter or get it from the supplier, but the most important is the composter must be bunged up, don’t let the air enter the composter after processing.

Step-by-step how to make liquid compost:

  • Choose the organic waste such as pigswill from vegetables, fruits, peel, rice, etc, but please don’t use waste from fish, meat, or used oil. Separate them from other types of trash (such as plastic, paper, etc) for making easier the composting process.
  • Bigger trash such as log, big vegetables and fruits are better cut smaller in order to make perfect the decomposition. Besides, it can increase the floating material.
  • Prepare the boisca bioactivator. It will make the decomposition faster

    How to Use Biosca

    • Prepare the 1 liter sprayer
    • Fill the sprayer with water. Better to use chlorine free water such as wells water or ground water, but if you want to use general water, please precipitate it within one night in order to vaporize the chlorine. Chlorine in the water can kill the microbe in Boisca.
    • Add the Boisca into the sprayer with ratio : 1 liter water + 1-2 bottle caps of Boisca.
    • Mix the liquid and it’s ready to use

  • Collect all the organic trash and put them all into the composter, then spray the Boisca, close it tight.
  • At the first time, the composter can produce the lye or liquid compost after 2 weeks. Then, it will produce one a day or two days.

What substances are used for Boisca? Well, we still don’t know yet because the Boisca bioactivator is made by Mr. Sukamto and there is still no data available for its substances.

Taken from book “Membuat Pupuk Kompos Cair” by Sukamto Hadisuwito, published by AgroMedia Pustaka, Indonesia.