Organic waste is usually classified by two types, household waste (such as pigswill) and garden waste (such as leaves). Each house can produce up to 2 kilograms waste everyday. Just imagine how much waste can be produced by one country in one month. It can reach unlimited number. The question is, what should we do to solve this organic waste problem?

Compost, an Alternative for Organic Waste Utilization

One alternative for organic waste utilization is by producing compost for fertilizer. Compost is taken because some reasons:

  1. Organic waste naturally will be decomposed by microbe (bacteria, fungus, yeast) and other small animals under the soil
  2. This decomposing process need certain condition, such as temperature, humidity, and oxygen
  3. If it’s in better match condition, it’s faster too for compost form process. In 6 weeks, the compost will be mature
  4. If the organic waste is pealed only, decomposition is happened.

Compost is very useful for increasing the quality of soil, such as:

  1. Increase water content and resistance for sandy soil condition
  2. Increase water permeability and infiltration characteristic of loam
  3. Increase the root penetrability
  4. Increase soil microbe population
  5. Decrease the soil hardness

Besides for waste utilization alternative, compost also can be created for business purpose. We’ll talk about how to process the organic waste into compost in the next post.