Wondering if your kids spend their holiday by playing video game and watching TV, you won’t like it very much, will you? Sharing the eco-friendly activities habit for kids could be one alternative to involve them in the environment, make their potential up, and better than just a video game. Try these 4 examples of eco-friendly activities habit for kids.

4 Simple Eco-Friendly Activities Habit for Kids

1. Grow a Garden

Mom can start it with a small vegetable garden. Ask your kids what vegetables they want to eat or plant and let them do it slowly. Teach them how to flow, plant, water, and fertilize them.

ā€œDo it in small doses, and not during the hottest part of the day,ā€ Vanessa Keeley advises, director of youth programs at Growing Gardens, a community garden in Boulder, Colo.

You also can use mini pots from eggshell or other small pots or hydroponic technique if you don’t have wide room for growing the seeds. Find also a gardening community in your town and bring your kids there to meet their friends and plant together.

2. Get Crafty

Your kids have cereal boxes or snack ones. Try to create craft from those material and explain your kids the importance of recycling and reusing garbage to be useful goods, rather than throwing them in the garbage bin. There are a lot of ideas of craft and mom can find the idea on internet.

3. Bike to the Store

Let you bike with your kids to the store in the morning and explain them how using fossil fuels impacts the Earth. Take also a stash of reusable shopping bags with you. Therefore, kids will learn much by doing.

4. Take a Trip or Hike

Sometimes you should bring kids to take a trip or hike together. Let them see the beautiful of the earth, the freshness of the air, rather than the dirty of city’s atmosphere. This activity will teach your kids how to save the earth begin from small scope.

With those 4 tips, you can start your green life lesson at home šŸ™‚

Idea source: GAIAM