Home Furniture from Recycled Wood Waste

Home Furniture from Recycled Wood Waste by Ami Hunting

Amy Hunting has her own brilliant design in recycled wood furniture. The recycled wood she uses comes from the factories waste in Denmark. They are glued together without screwing or bolting for forming them into recycled chair, book box, and lamps. Here are her work.

Recycled Wood Waste Furniture

Book Rack from Recycled Wood Waste

This book box has built in stands of book which you can use for placing different book size without falling over. The dimensions are W: 35cm, H: 47cm, D: 35cm.

Book Box Flipped Filtered

Rack Book Flipped from Recycled Wood

This is the same box with the first one, but it’s with different flip. You can use the boxes on the side, so the legs then become additional shelves. Even you can hung on the wall or stack on top of each other.

Chair from Recycled Wood

This is chair design. Dimensions: Total hight: 85 cm, Depth: 34 cm, Width: 30 cm, Seating Hight: 45 cm

Lamp Box from Recycled Wood Waste

Hanging Lamp from Recycled Wood Waste