Stripe-y Patchwork Cat Tutorial for Recycled Fabric

Stripe-y Patchwork Cat Tutorial by Michelle Russell

Every people have used fabric or cloths that they don’t use anymore. Most of us perhaps re-use them for dust cloth. But why don’t we create another cute object from used cloths? One of recycled fabric objects is patchwork. Thanks to Michelle Russell for her kindness to share this free pattern of stripe-y patchwork for recycled cat doll tutorial.

As she writes on her blog that this pattern is copyright and the property of Green Kitchen (her blog). It means, this pattern and project are for home use only, not for resale. Therefore, I thank you if you only use it for home only, not for commercial purpose. If you want to sell it, please create different pattern with the tutorial as an example.

Download Stripe-y Patchwork Cat Tutorial here – 850.33 KB | Designer