The biggest number of material in city waste comes from home garbage. As people who care of our loving earth and healthy life, we should manage the home trash by ourselves. How do we manage our trash well? Below are some tips you can apply easily at home. Separate your trash to 2 classes, wet and dry trash and use at least 2 kinds of dustbin at home.

It’s even better to separate them into 4 classes in 4 garbage can too.

  1. Organic (e.x. chicken bone, stale food, vegetables, etc)
    You can create compose with them within 2 months and use it for fertilizer
  2. Plastic (e.x. wrapper, shopping bags, food, pocket, etc)
    You can give the plastic trash to the recycle product provider
  3. Paper (e.x. Pampers, work paper, used tissue)
    Old newspaper, used books, receipt paper, advertisement paper or other paper goods which are good physically, you can sell or recycle them.
  4. Metal (tin food and glass, a can, tin milk, etc)

For more complete method to aid the recycle process, you can classify your trash into more classes such as 12 or 15 according to their types. Here is an example of 15 classified home trash I got from wikimedia.

How to Manage Home Trash

1) glass bottles, 2) thin plastic, 3) thick plastic, 4) cardboard, 5) no classified, 6) cans, 7) paper, 8.) polystyrene, 9) glass fragments, 10) batteries, 11) metals, 12) organics, 13) tetrapak, 14) fabric, 15) wc.

I hope those tips will give you an idea to separate and manage the home trash.

Image credit: Wikimedia