Recycled Book Library Information Desk

Recycled Book Desk

Recycled Book Desk Design by TU Delft Architecture Bibliotheek

Sometimes we have a lot of old books that we don’t use anymore, even some people want to destroy them. Wait a minute! They can be used to make a unique desk like TU Delft architecture bibliotheek do. They change recycled book into an information desk for their library.

The books are stacked each other in similar thickness to make them balance. They are very tactile and appealing, giving deep touch for the library as a book center.

Recycled Book Desk View

Recycled Book Desk Side

Recycled Book Desk

Via SpaceInvading


  1. It’s got me thinking of how I could use discarded books in a contemporary garden design. If I found a way of waterproofing them maybe they could be used as part of a garden structure. Thanks for the post, it’s got me thinking!

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