3 Popular Plastic Trash in the Market

Producing new product from recycled plastic is growing rapidly years by years. Almost all of plastic trash (80%) can be processed into new product. There are also some plastic type that must be mixed first with other raw material to increase the quality.

3 Popular Plastic Trash in the Market

Here are 3 popular plastic trash type in the market that can be applied for your green business idea.

  1. PolyEthylene (PE). Water proof plastic material, acid proof, alkali proof, and most liquid resistant. For example: plastic bah of food product, juice and drink, plastic curtains, plastic bottle, pipe, glass, etc
  2. High Density PolyEthylene (HDPE). Liquid material resistant. For example: melamine, detergent package, milk package (cartoon), vehicle fuel tank, etc
  3. PolyProphylene (PP). Such as fiber glass products

These materials can be recycled into a lot of new goods such as kid toys, home improvement goods, craft, and many others.

Generally, there are 4 requirements for plastic trash to be accepted by an industry.

  1. Plastic trash must be in certain form such as plastic kernel, pellet, or powder
  2. Homogen, means that plastic trash have to be classified
  3. The plastic trash isn’t contaminated by chemical substance that can decrease its quality
  4. As much as possible that the plastic isn’t oxidated

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