4R – Waste Management Alternative

It’s necessary to handle a lot of waste problems with various alternatives of waste process and management. A landfill isn’t a good alternative because it isn’t continuous and can cause environment problem.

The waste management must be able to handle all waste disposal problem. Recycling all waste and give them back to nature or society economy is one best alternative. The recycle process will also decrease the natural resources pressure.

First, the wast must be sorted in different type based on material kinds. Below are some principles that can be applied in waste management. They are known as 4R:

1. Reduce

As much as possible to decrease goods or material we used everyday and change it with environment friendly material. For example, we always use plastic bag when shopping. If we shop three times a week, then within one month we will produce 12 plastic bag trash. The plastic trash will increase everyday.

2. Reuse

As much as possible to sort the goods which can be reused. Avoid the usage of disposable goods. This tips will extend the usage time before it becomes trash. For example, use plastic bottle that only need to fill the product refill such as oil, shop, etc. So that, we won’t produce plastic bottle trash frequently.

3. Recycle

As much as possible, recycle the useless goods. Not all product can be recycled, but nowadays there are so many home industries that make use of trash become other useful products. Some of them recycle plastic into craft.

4. Replace

Check our daily goods carefully. Change one time usage goods (disposable goods) with imperishable goods and only use the environment friendly goods.


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    tell me about the 4rs of plastic(reuse, reduce, recycle, recover.) plz halp me orelse i will have to get scoldings from my chemistry teacher. so i beg you plzzzzzzzzzzzzz……!!!!!!!! help me.

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