Trash Management from Urban to Final Disposal Area

Generally, urban trash management has three steps of action. They are collecting, transport, and final disposal process. In the final disposal process, trash will be processed physically, chemically, and biologically.

Trash Management from Urban to Final Disposal Area

There are two kinds of process on final disposal, open dumping and sanitary landfill. On open dumping process, trash is heaped continuously with land as the cover layer.

The heaped trash at final disposal area can get secondary process. Some common technologies which are usually used for that process are:

  • Incenerator technology
  • This process will produce side product such as metal scrap and steam which can be converted into electric energy. Other advantages of this technique are:
    1. It can decrease trash volume from source up to 75-80% without sorting process
    2. Dust or burnt crust from burning residue is dry enough and free from decaying, so that it can be brought to heap area
    3. The installation is big enough with capacity 300 ton/day which is completed by electric generator. The produced electric energy (96,000 MWH/year) can be used to press the process cost
  • Composting Technology
    This process will produce compost that can be used as fertilizer or land structure reinforcement
  • Recycling Technology
    This process will produce the potential recycle product such as paper, plastic, metal, and glass

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